Mitzi Allen

mitziMitzi Allen has been working in the media for the past 25 years as a broadcast journalist and producer. Her career began in television in Toronto, with CTV Canada as a reporter/news anchor then continued in Antigua & Barbuda with various media organizations before she joined her husband as co-owner of HAMA Productions, an independent film and television production company.

She is the producer of three feature films, The Sweetest Mango, No Seed, and Diablessealong with a number of television programmes, including the children’s television program Pet Playhouse for the Humane Society of Antigua and Barbuda. This programme, which is aimed at sensitizing children about animal welfare and conservation in the Caribbean, was funded by The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA). Mitzi has also produced a number of documentaries and news features, which are distributed throughout the Caribbean and North America.

Mitzi is now the managing director of HAMA Inc. which owns and operates HAMA TV an independent cable channel. She is the host of LIVE UP the regional television programme produced by the Caribbean Media Partnership on HIV funded in part by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Elton John Foundation and the Ford Foundation.. HAMA’s latest project is the production of the drama series Paradise View.


The Skin A Hama Movie


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